“I have had the privilege of taking voice lessons with Jasmine for the past two and a half years. I cannot begin to express how formative my time with her has been not only in my musicianship, but also in who I am as a person. During my time with her, I have learned so much about vocal technique, and have been able to learn things about my own voice that I never knew. I have consistently grown in my own musicianship, which is undoubtedly credited to her training and knowledge in vocal technique and theory. Beyond that, I know that every time I go into a lesson,  Jasmine is interested in me as a person. While being an incredible instructor for me, she has also been a constant friend. Her love for each of her students is evident in the way that she cares for each individually.” Sarah Goodman, Singer and Worship Leader

“Working with Jasmine has been an incredible gift, for so many different reasons!

Firstly- the musical side of things, for anyone looking to train in certain skills. I worked with Jasmine specifically on musical theatre training, but with a classical twist to make sure I wasn't sacrificing proper technique for character voices. She could hear things and see things that I had never had a teacher notice before! I had some bad habits that she helped me break (poor posture while singing), some good habits that she taught me (proper warm ups when vocally stressed), and some great habits that I learned from her that I couldn't have gotten elsewhere (Blaylock technique from a master! I LOVE BLAYLOCK!)

Without going into crazy specifics- we worked a lot on vowel modification to maintain tone throughout my range, strengthening my belt, bringing my head voice into lower range notes, supporting all sounds and keeping my neck/back in alignment whilst singing, not sacrificing sound for style, and so very much more! As for the non- musical side, I couldn't have asked for a lovelier person to spend time with once a week! Jasmine has always been genuinely invested in each of her students, and I always felt like I could share with her about what I was going through, vocally or otherwise. She truly listened, and understood how personal experiences played a part in vocal health and performance. ALL of this extensive review to say, I cannot speak highly enough of her as a teacher, as a friend, and as a mentor! If you are considering her as a teacher, I would say GO FOR IT! You will not regret it!”  Autumn Tustin, Professional Singer and Actress

“Working with Jasmine has been the most educational and informative training I have ever received.  She has taught me about vocal technique, health, and awareness which has given me a solid vocal foundation and has set me up for a lifelong career of healthy singing. Over the past two and a half years, I have seen improvement in my breath control, resonance, and ability to interpret pieces both musically and textually. She encourages me to explore character development and artistry to create something that goes beyond basic musicianship. Not only have I seen growth in the functional aspects of singing, I have also experienced growth as a person. Jasmine has helped me become more confident in my vocal ability and performance, but most importantly she has helped me find confidence in myself. She has empowered me to believe in my abilities and share them with others.”  Julie Langella, Professional Singer

"Jasmine is an excellent voice teacher.  My daughter Audrey began voice lessons just 3 years ago with Jasmine and the improvement has been remarkable.  Having no voice training myself, I was not at all sure how to get my daughter the training she wanted. When Jasmine was recommended to us, we decided to give her a try.  After Audrey’s first lesson, I was convinced that Audrey was in good hands. Since then, the improvement in Audrey’s voice pitch and projection has been amazing. Audrey recently received the excellent news that she was accepted to the local performing arts high school.  This has been a dream of hers since she was very young, and I am 100% confident that Jasmine’s great teaching, along with Audrey’s hard work, was the key to Audrey’s dream coming true!" Melissa Dant, Parent

"Jasmine has worked for years with my son on a wide variety of vocal development including fundamental vocal techniques as well as more complex sight reading and musical theory concepts.   Beyond his great instruction, she has been a wonderful part of our ongoing training because of her intense connection with our son. She has a genuine compassion and love for students that encourages development in a positive, loving environment."  Beth Regret, Parent

"I have been taking voice lessons with Jasmine for almost 5 years. She is a wonderful teacher and talented musician. Her education and background keeps her technical knowledge growing so she can always point you in the right direction vocally. She helped me unlock parts of my voice I never knew I had!"  Jenna Foster, Singing Actress and Teacher

“Working with Professor Davis completely transformed my singing regimen from how I learn and practice songs to the care and focus that comes when performing. Her guidance for musicality, acting, and self-care have been invaluable as a music teacher and continuing performer myself.”  Music Teacher and chorus member at Nashville Opera